Let’s Play Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth – Part 10 Finale

So here we are, the final episodes of our Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth lp – it’s been an interesting experience, fraught with just a little technical difficulties in recording, but mostly awesome fun in getting to see and appreciate this classic horror game played out really well on a system that can actually run it like it’s supposed to be ran.

Call of Cthulhu Let’s Play Stats:

A total of 66 videos, which includes 1 Extras.
A total of 13 hours, 3 minutes and 28 seconds.
We played in the rank Private Investigator (No. 2 out of 4)
Our final Mythos rank is E, which is a combination of:
Completion: 99% (collecting items and readables)
Time spent playing: 10 hours, 31 minutes, and 5 seconds (pretty long)
Blood Loss: Medium
Mental Condition: Clinically Insane (from looking at all the bad things so much)
A Weapon Accuracy of: 51%, and
A Drug Abuse rating of: Casual (since we did Morphine just a little, not lots)

And the extras!

I hope you liked this LP, and feel free to check out some of our other cool play-throughs.

Let’s Play Sam & Max – Night of the Raving Dead

I’ve finally finished a new Sam & Max episode and it’s now fully released on YouTube (as our release schedule has been focusing on Call of Cthulhu and Life is Strange for a while) from Beyond Space and Time. This time it’s Night of the Raving Dead – which was very fun, like all Sam & Max games.

That’s all for now, until next time, which will be Chariots of the Dogs from Sam & Max. XXX

Let’s Play Life is Strange – Out of Time Complete

I thought I’d just do a master post for ‘Out of Time’ since there are less parts overall. We’ve moved to a new 30 minute format (as opposed to 15 minutes or so) to try out something new, and to make sure we’re able to get through Life is Strange in a timely manner. Though by the looks of things there might be a bit of a wait before ‘Chaos Theory’ anyway – we’ll see. Until then, here’s the complete episode, and all the extras we recorded for ‘Out of Time’

And the Extras!

Until next time.

Let’s Play Life is Strange – Chrysalis Complete

So, we have the final parts of Life is Strange – Chrysalis, from episode 15 to 17, and then the long extras video where we see all the alternative things we could have done. In the end I really enjoyed Life is Strange, especially by the end of the episode, when it’s stopped being a bit name drop heavy and pretentious – and it’s more about re-uniting with old friends and reminiscing, which Life is Strange pulls off really well. So it was pretty good in the end. We’re also working through episode two ‘Out of Time’ at the moment, so episodes of that will be oncoming.

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Let’s Play Life is Strange – Chrysalis Part 2

Time goes by, and we have another set of Life is Strange Chrysalis episodes from the YouTubes. The second episode of the game itself, ‘Out of Time’ is supposed to be out sometime this week, we’re very interested to see how it goes – will it be longer than episode one? What new choices are there? Will any of our choices from episode one really affect episode two that much? We’ll have to see.

Episodes after the cut.

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