NaNoWriMo update 1

So, it’s day three of NaNoWriMo – I have 6023 words so far and will probably try and add another one or two thousand this evening with a little alcohol for encouragement. As far as I can tell a few people I know peripherally are also doing nano and seem to be doing okay.

Other things this month – the long search for employment. Progress so far: applied for four jobs, I’m trying to be realistic and assume I won’t be employed for a while.

And gaming wise I bought a few games in the Steam Halloween sale!

I bought Dark Fall: Lost Souls and Scratches for Peter – both are point and click horror adventure games. The newest one Dark Fall was sadly disappointing, it was the kind of game you just need a guide to play through. Scratches on the other hand while being a good few years older and looking a little dated at times was really good – it had a great atmosphere for only being set in one single location (a big old house).

For myself I finally bought a copy of Left 4 Dead aaand Left 4 Dead 2, for very little money. I’ve only played a little bit of L4D one so far but it seems okay for what it is. I also bought my very own copy of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines on steam. Which seems to be something that happens with old games I like – steam eventually sells them for all of two pound and I buy a more convenient copy.

There always comes a point though, while playing Vampire, when it’s really not fun anymore. There’s less of a rich story, and the gameplay sadly devolves into dungeon crawling. It’s a real shame as well, when the game has such strengths – the creepy old haunted mansion at the beginning of the game scares me every time. But there’s always cheating to finish the game when it turns into said dungeon. *sad face*

In  more personal, and you probably don’t care at all news…Peter had his big toe nails cut off (or partially cut off if you want to be specific) and has spend the last week or so house bound. And will probably spend most of Christmas being house bound as well – they seem to hurt quite a bit.

And upcoming gaming things! I do have an awful lot of video games that I own and haven’t finished with, but mostly I think I want to try and get ahold of Uncharted 3 and Batman. I also think Peter wants a copy of Deus Ex now that it’s very, very cheap both used and new. Though chances are we’ll be buying it used because we can and I see no real reason not to.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo update 1

  1. Ixionyx

    Good going with the writing, sounds like you’ve made a good start.

    I am very sorry to hear your bad news, but you’ll get over having paid money for L4D one day, hehe.

    Plus, be on MSN more!

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